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Rural house Sancho de Rota
C/ Postigo, 1

TEL. 696 047 837



In The Door of The Bardenas Reales.

   First desert of Europe, estepario space declared reserve of the Biosphere by UNESCO, we were a place where to disconnect and to rest of the long days of active sport which you will be able to enjoy: senderismo, mountain bike, quad, xtrail...

   Infinity of routes, ways, I mount and precipices hope to you. A rustic and different territory, where to live a world on sensations: from excursions guided, and routes with quad and motos to the tasting of the typical food or it has supper popular in a Bardenera Cabin.


In Arguedas Heart

     To little meters of the Church of San Esteban (S XVI) and of the route of the legendary confinement of brave head of cattle of the Straits, in singular surroundings with the enchantment of an authentic house labriega.

     All the flavor and the tradition of a town that still conserves the rural typical customs of our earth.